Thursday, July 9, 2015

                               YOU DON'T HAVE TO HIDE BEHIND YOUR MAKEUP 
                                                 JUST MAKE A MASK OUT OF IT 
       Watermelon Nails & Toes 
Today I was inspired by my old cartoon drawings of my little sleeping watermelons.  Once upon a time when I was more creative, I hand drew these the little watermelons and then screen printed them on kids tee's and super sweet looking ladies nighttime boy-shorts.  

Lisa at Lisa's nails on La Cienega is so patient with me.  I usually end up staring at the gel color wheel for a good hour before I finally decide what color I want to be/live/invoke for the next two weeks.  Suddenly I had a flash back to my favorite little melon faces that I drew way back when at a time in my life that I could eat candy and bake fun-fetti cupcakes!! I was immune to high fructose corn syrup and nothing could stop me for satisfying my sweet tooth.

Lisa knows I can not resist sparkles on my nails and toes so on top of two coats of the perfect match cotton candy pink she added a the third with more SPARKLES!! 

Then for the toes I did an Essie in Blue Rhapsody that is part of their new Metallic situation they got going on now for Summer. Peep the new colors below.  I can not get enough of that Blue Rhapsody
Then to seal my shinny deal we added.. YUP you guessed it GOLD SPARKLES!! In the photo I have included a little bottle Argan Oil.  I did this because I put a few pumps all over my toes throughout the day to keep my pedicure looking on fleek as well as adding a few more days to it's luster! 

Argan oil is super bomb and not only does it keep your toes from looking like some dried up pigs in a blanket it also does the following:
                     1.Repairing facial serum
                     2.Body + decollete massage oil
                     3.Hair Serum
                     4.Hand and cuticle repair 
                     5.Soothes dry elbows and heels

Need I say more....Probably not ;)

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Over the last few weeks or shall I say months, I have been taking a break from life and resting like I have never rested before. I finally starting feeling inspired by my own wardrobe and dusted some cobwebs off my old vestments in my closet and took them out for a spin downtown. Since my illness that was brought to my attention due to over exposure to mold last year I barely have the energy to talk, walk, eat sometimes or even move at all due to chronic joint pain. Nonetheless, when I am paralyzed and trapped like a prisoner in my bed I often stare at the beautiful glowing gems I have collected over the years and remember the fun I had in so many glorious pieces. Memories of endless nights that moved seamlessly into morning filled with laughter from friends and sweet dance moves that made grown men cry and women smile without knowing it or wanting it. These broken pieces of happiness flood my mind and I cant help but dust off my lovely collection of architecture that I proudly dub my style and appreciate them in all their glory. From time to time I slip back into the shadows of a time that I once was and become one with my gorgeous garments. Here is a mash up of a few of my accomplishments minus the fallen soldiers that sadly do not have any documentation of but I will remember forever. The most recent photo-shoot I felt compelled to do quite suddenly after I was injected with small amount of pep in my step after getting painful IV and cupping. This was months ago where my old adventurous and attention seeking self broke down and meagerly took out a small fraction of my long lost pieces that had not had life breathed into them in years and were brought out for a stroll in the sun.

Beauty and the Beast 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Downtown stroll includes the following:
Betsy Johnson crushed velvet coat with red faux fur.

Most of my inspired style has been derived from my mothers hybrid blend of Mexican, French and German background.   So this coat was handed down to me by My Great Aunt Terry from my mothers auntie.  Lamb Fur Coat from the 60's. Ted Baker insect print heels.
My elegant mothers Emerald Silk Green Blouse worn when she worked at FOX and was originally purchased in the 1970's.

Henri Bendel Chandelier Faux Pearl necklace made with hematite and rape whistle included for emergencies. Dolce Vita hidden zipper heels.

Jiovani Crystal hand beaded strapless dress with corset lining.  Vintage Chanel Pearl earrings. Swarovski Crystal anklet.

Striding hard on the pavement.  Sun rays provided by GOD himself.
KOVAT pleather leggings 

          David Yurman Aqua Marine stone set in 925 Silver.
Gary Graham black leather belt.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Check me out!! Got a little shout out in May edition of VOGUE.
Thank you Amy Ephron.
If you are on the search for that perfect tee I'm your gal.
Click the link and ride along with Amy as she eloquently breaks down her shopping adventure... Enjoy!

Hell's Kitchen Season 9 Episode 12

Found this old Gem from 2012! Scroll to minute 14 where me and my trusty fashionista sidekick style the winners of one of the many Hell's Kitchen culinary challenges.  To be honest the true challenge was styling them...

Hell's Kitchen Season 9 Episode 12