Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cranky Custies

When you go shopping in a clothing store can you try to be more opened minded that the sales associates actually might be nice and want to help you. My favorite is the nasty scowls I get when simply just saying, Hello. And then with distaste and disgust reminiscent of a 16th century peasant milling about the dirt and filth of our environs, I am received with that aristocratic "Let them eat cake" response over and over throughout the fashion journey which in my life = JUST LOOKING ......but then  am asked a million questions and then Cranky Custies yelp that we are not being attentive enough.

I love beautiful clothes and making people happy and have them leaving feeling great and looking good. No need to be grumpy just because you had a bad day and take it out on the pathetic sales girl who makes a minimum wage, or so you think. 
Be nice.
We want to be nice to you.
We really do.
At least I do.
And everyone I work with does too.